Anna Watts is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller currently based between Central America and Brooklyn, New York.

Anna is committed to ethical storytelling, using her work as a tool to advocate for sustainable, empowering change within indigenous and marginalized communities. 

She is also a contributor to Everyday Guatemala, a group of professional photographers documenting daily life in Guatemala. 




World Health Organization • Intrahealth International/USAID • Comvite Magazine • Mayan Families • Child Aid • Mayan Hands • Mercado Global • Cojoyla Association • Aikiyam Schools • Awamaki Peru • Threads of Peru • Starfish Impact • ODIM Guatemala • Limitless Horizons Ixil •  Revue Magazine • Sharing the Dream • Barrackpore Homes • Love Calcutta • Tejidos Cotzal • The Fair Wage Project •

Instagram: @anasaura_