Anna Watts is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in Brooklyn, New York and available for international assignments.

Anna is committed to ethical storytelling, using her work as a tool to advocate for sustainable, empowering change within indigenous and marginalized communities. She works internationally with NGOs, nonprofits, foundations, advocacy marketing, and socially responsible businesses to document and tell stories of social change and advocacy. 

She is also a contributor to Everyday Guatemala, a group of professional photographers documenting daily life in Guatemala, and a member of Exploraté, a collective of humanitarian photographers. 




New York Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs • NYC Health • NYC Department of Consumer Affairs • World Health Organization • Organización Panamericana de la Salud • Intrahealth International • Mercado Global • Hans R. Neumann Stiftung Institute • Comvite Magazine • Child Aid • Mayan Hands • Cojoyla Association • Aikiyam Schools • Awamaki Peru • Threads of Peru • Starfish Impact • ODIM Guatemala • Limitless Horizons Ixil •  Sharing the Dream • Barrackpore Homes for Children • Love Calcutta • Tejidos Cotzal • The Fair Wage Project • 

Instagram: @anasaura_